Karkat Isn’t a Limeblood

So I’m sure you all know, or at least plenty of you have known and theorize that Karkat is a limeblood with a mutation.  If you haven’t, let me do a quick recap.  Karkat is a mutant cherry red blood, yet his sign is right between Sollux and Nepeta’s, where the extinct troll blood color Lime would reside.  That, along with this ( http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005986 ) page, along with a few of the following ones, where Karkat is ‘shooshing’ Gamzee in lime green text, have lead people to believe that Karkat wasn’t supposed to be a mutant blood, but a lime blood.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you why that’s bullshit.  First, let’s start with why wasn’t Karkat was ‘supposed’ to be a lime blood.  When John used the ectobiology chamber, he made perfect ectoclones of him, his friends, and the alpha kids.  Because they were perfect ectoclones, meaning everything in their DNA is exactly the same (no mutation, no personality differences that could occur later in life, no nothing), they were transported to their respective meteors to be hurtled at the Earth on the day they were ‘born’.  From this, we know that, in every aspect, Karkat and Kankri couldn’t have been anything except candy red bloods.  If they had had the smallest deviation from their current selves, they wouldn’t have been sent to their meteors.  The imperfect grubs could’ve been made into grubsauce (or given to Eridan to kill the landwellers) and the universe wouldn’t have cared.  Because they need to be the ‘mutants’.

Now you’re probably questioning why Karkat’s sign is between Sollux and Nepeta’s then, instead of before Aradia’s.  Well that’s just it, it’s Karkat’s sign, not Karkat and the Signless’s sign.  The Signless, as his name would imply, had no sign.  Karkat only has a sign because the Signless’s followers took the shackles that Signless was bound by during his death and created the sign, along with breading Crabdad to be a candy red blood lusus, so that Karkat wouldn’t have to go through the terror that not having a sign or a lusus could cause.

So, here comes my theory.  What if Karkat’s sign replaced a lime blood sign?  None of the trolls show any sign of not knowing that Karkat’s sign wasn’t part of the original 48 in the troll zodiac, including Karkat himself.  If he was able to hide it for so long, I would think it was because it replaced a sign instead of being added, or the other trolls would know immediately that that sign is the ‘false sign’, what I just now decided to call a sign that didn’t belong in the first place, and know his blood color.  If the Signless’s followers were to replace an existing sign from any of the non-extinct blood castes, the trolls in those castes would surely cause some kind of commotion.  The only choice would be to replace a lime blood sign, the only caste that is extinct.

And no, I don’t know how to explain the lime green text.  Hussie might be throwing us a false trail.  He seems to love doing that.  Anyway, thank you all for reading and have a nice day!

Double ARs

I’m not really going to be posting a lot on here, or very often, but I just want to post a few things before Homestuck updates again.

What I’m posting now isn’t much of a theory, but more of an observation.  We all know Aimless Renegade/Authority Regulator from the beta kid’s timeline, correct?  But now that we’re up to Act Six, what comes to most Homestucks minds when I say ‘AR’ is ‘Auto Responder’.  After reading that, it may have become obvious that they both share the shortened initials, AR.  Why do they share this?  We all know Hussie doesn’t make coincidences lightly.  He always finds ways to weave almost every plothole into a fine, intricate fabric that we don’t even realize until we decide ‘hey, let’s reread Homestuck!’  Now I know what you’re thinking, Aimless Renegade is dead, Bec Noir killed him.  How can there be a connection when he wasn’t in the game to enter the dream bubbles?’  The answer there is easy, only Beta Aimless Renegade is dead.  Alpha Authority Regulator, on the other hand, could very well be patrolling the alpha kid’s session, making sure everything is legal.

I don’t really have a theory on how they’re connected, which is why this is simply an observation.  But it makes you think, yes?  Have a nice day, thank you for reading!

Divide by zero

Alright, first theory.  Let’s get going.

The first thing I’d like to talk about on this blog is a theory I have yet to see, and I love to look up Homestuck theories.  It is, what if the cherub’s session is what happens when you divide by zero?

The entirety of Homestuck revolves around the game known as Sburb.  Even when in the medium, another way people refer to that is being ‘in the game’.  Therefore, the entirety of the game is made up the same way we think of as games, with codes.  Even the aspects Light and Void can be interpreted as ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’, which could be equal to the 1s and 0s of computer code.

If we think about the beta trolls session, there is a page ( http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004475 ) where Karkat says, “CG: BUT WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR CRAZY SENSES YOU’RE SO VAGUE, IT’S LIKE TRYING TO DECIPHER THE DAILY HOROSCOPE RIDDLE. CG: OR THE RIDDLES FOR ALL 48 SIGNS COMBINED."  This shows that there are 48 troll star signs, which imply 48 Sburb/Sgrub/w/e players who created the troll universe.  Hussie also posted a twitter post at one point joking about introducing a 48 player squiddle session before consequently killing them.  As I’m sure you’ve all already heard this, I’ll move on.

If we start from the theorized 48 player session, the different session’s number of players decrease as so.  48, 12, 4, 2.  If we look closer, we notice that 48/4 is equal to 12.  12/3 is 4, and 4/2 is, of course, 2.  So, looking at this right now, it makes sense, yes?  Well, from here I lost a few of my friends when I started explaining here, so hopefully I can explain this correctly.  If you look, the number you’re dividing by is decreasing by one every time.  Going by this, eventually you’d have to divide by zero.  There are some of you asking ‘but wouldn’t you reach a one-player session that doesn’t bear fruit before you reached that?”  Normally, yes, there would be, but since we left off at 4/2, continuing would go like this.  4/2=2, 2/1=2, 1/0=ERROR.  Now I probably have people saying something like ‘But the cherub’s session come right after the alpha kid’s universe.  That’s why they can communicate.”  But whoever said that the cherubs were right after the kids?  No one ever mentioned anything about them being right after, just like no one ever said that there weren’t universes between the kid’s and the cherub’s.  Besides, if it’s possible to communicate between two universes, what would make it any more or less complicated depending on how many universes are in between?

So let’s pretend that there are two sessions between the kids and the cherubs, why is it automatically assumed that the cherubs are the ones to divide by zero?  Well, for one, let us look at the fact that, since Caliborn killed Calliope, he forced himself into a dead session.  Because of this dead session, Caliborn finds out how to harness his powers as a Lord of Time, thus turning him into Lord English.  That, along with this ( I stopped and started after homestuck updated and immediately crashed… ) page, where Hussie himself says that the cherubs were a species who were never meant to play the game, all signs point to errors in the game which shouldn’t have happened.

Hope you all enjoyed, thank you for taking the time to read this!